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Date: October 20 - 22, 2022
Duration: will be updated soon
Room: Will be updated soon (Microsoft Team Link will be posted on 12/10/2022, Monday )
Accepted Forum Applications: 0 students (in-person + remote)
Expected guests: 0 + online guests

IHCI’s Graduate forums provide an opportunity for students currently working in the human-computer interaction and related fields to present and discuss research goals, approaches, and preliminary results. The forum centers around the conference track, where selected student research papers are presented. Graduate Forum Research Paper is a one or two page, single-author presentation on ongoing research by graduate and undergraduate students.

If you are a student researcher, we are encouraging you to submit GRADUATE forum application with the below link:

  • Graduate Forum Application: link will be updated soon
Graduate Forum Submission will be opened soon.

Dr. Naagmani Molakatala

School of Computer and Information Science, University of Hyderabad, India


Dr. Mekhriddin Rakhimov

Tashkent University of information technologies named after Muhammad al Khwarizmi

This is a call for contribution (1-4 pages as an abstract or extended abstract) to gain better visibility.
This Forum publication can expand your research work’s importance, novelty, and challenges in the IHCI field.